Rhythm Splash Soul Friends

Bible Study & Relationship Building

Come Hungry!

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"Worship Me in the dance as you praise Me.

Come out of your comfort zones and give Me your all.

I created you to praise Me with every fiber of your being.

I love the praises of my people.

Our victory is in your praise.

Not your restricted praise, but your unrestricted praise.

Unrestricted praise is what I desire.  
In the midst of your praises,

I will bind the enemy and I will set you free of the bondages in your life.

So dance, my children, dance before the Lord

your God with all your might!


Come and listen all you who fear God;
Let me tell you what he has done for me.
Psalm 66:16

You'll discover all forms of art COME ALIVE the way God intended.  
You'll discover how to offer it up to God in Spirit & in Truth.  Thru this fellowship you will develop a closer bond with Jesus and find soul friends that share a musical heartbeat.  This isn't just for musicians, dancers, visual artists, etc., it is for ANYONE that wants to explore a creative/artistic inkling in their soul.

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