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iTapLive is now the home & sponsor of three creative arts sites:

Rhythm Splash Hoof and Hammer

We have branched out and incorporated!  
Please take a tour through our creative enterprises:

Rhythm Splash Hoof and Hammer

Is essentially a tap and drum percussion circle where those interested come to share, explore and create rhythms together! It’s also a bonding of soul’s & developing relationships. Meeting the last WEDNESDAY of every month.  The place and times will be available when you click on the Rhythm Splash icon.

ART CELLAR, is a visual arts gallery of primarily Scripture-based artworks by Olivia Cameo Lewis.  The site is dedicated to ‘Evangelizing the World Through Art’.

Previously known as simply iTapLive, –Hoof & Hammer, is the percussion/comedy duo that has performed venues throughout San Diego County since 2010.  Occasionally, various shows will be performed by Tap Dancer/Foot Percussionist, Olivia (Hoofer) & Drummer/Hand Percussionist, Nancy (Hammer).

ArtCellar ArtCellar