Dance & mime can indeed be a form of worship and sacred celebration. The Bible cites many passages where God's people are encouraged to "praise His name with dancing". Dance is a very natural human expression of joy and deeply felt emotions. When the act of dancing is in response to our receiving from God or as an offering of thanksgiving, praise, or intimate gesture of worship, we can rightly term "dancing before the Lord", (whether spontaneous or choreographed) in aiding to identify our expression. This is actually the term used in scripture when spoken of how King David danced before the Lord with all his might as he responded to the presence and joy of the Lord that he so yearned for.

The term "Christian dance" however does and should have several means of identification in its concept. One thought would be dance offered in a liturgical, religious or ministry sense. This may be where the dancer desires to express their personal devotion to Jesus Christ through dance, whereas the dance functions as an enactment of personal worship that can be expressed both privately and publicly. The Christian dancer may also see their dancing as a form of creative evangelism or expressive witness in offering a visual expression of Christian faith or a Gospel theme presentation in hopes of drawing others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Another approach or expression of Christian dance is the idea of the Christian person who pursues a vocational and professional calling within the art of dance. This dancer has perhaps discovered a natural and undualistic fusion between their faith and art form. They are Christian people living out their faith in Christ in their vocations as dance artists. These dancers are pursuing dance as an art form that should bring glory to God simply by being an expression of one of His good and perfect gifts to humanity. These dancers, though Christians, may not be led in the same path of calling as those Christian dancers who have embraced dance for the purpose of personal and corporate worship or as a means for creative evangelism.

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