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Dancing with the Trinity

Dancing with the Trinity

into the heart of Olivia--

  “How can I offer HIM less?”

Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful,

May the fires of our devotion light the way,

May the tap prints that we leave

Lead them to believe,

And the lives we lead inspire them to obey.

"Life is
not LIFE
on a lonely pedestal."    Olivia

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PERICHORESIS an ancient term used to describe the relationship among the three persons of the Trinity.  Why? because the relationship between the three members of the Trinity was described by early Christians as an eternal 'holy dance' of each member around the other two.  The word literally means "to dance around".  "Peri", is in the word "perimeter", means "around", and "chores is" as in choreography, means "to dance".  The dancing integrates these three into one.

When I am held by my Father, I can feel the rhythm of HIS breath, The cadence of HIS heart.  My Father shows me HIS flow of movement, and I become one with it, one with HIM.

Peace, love and contentment beat within my soul.  We are all part of this flow.  Part of the Father.  Part of the dance.  All I have to do is close my eyes and feel the rhythm of my life. For it is written on my heart, on my soul.

Dancing with the Trinity

My Father has knitted this song within my very being.  All I have to do is stop and listen.  The song is not only mine but also my Father's.  They are woven together and cannot be separated. When my Father moves, I move.  It cannot be helped.

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