From the beginning music and dancing were twins.
To separate them is half the picture.

Artistic Goal: Percussion Discussion!

Beyond technique, RHYTHM SPLASH as a combined unit of percussionists: conga, djembe, drum kits, tambourine, and tap dancers/hoofers, etc. working creatively together.  HENCE, this is a "percussion rhythm circle".  A fabulous mix to the "beating path".

Rhythm Splash

Rhythm Splash Circle

Come Thirsty!

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Rhythm Splash Setting the Stage Fire Escape Rhythm Splash Spiritual Goal

"The Artistic Goal of RHYTHM SPLASH explores worship through Scripture and creates a firm foundation for the development of skills."
This Bible Study & Activity is for musicians, dancers, vocalists, visual artists, performing artists or anyone with this inkling in their soul. 
The goal is to understand, enrich and enhance their gifts and offerings to the LORD. 
Through this fellowship you will find Soul Friends that share a musical heartbeat.
As a faith based rhythm circle led by followers of Jesus the Messiah, rhythms explored will be multicultural and diverse. 
Bring your Bible, your tap shoes, drum, tambourines, maracas, sticks, voices —and enjoy the rhythm sound waves splash around our circle. 

The basic order of this
gathering is:

1.  Opening Scripture and storyline      related to Worship, then prayer.

2.  Introductions around the      room:  name, worship style of      interest, expectations.

3.  GROUP PARTICIPATION: Played      worship/praise/ cultural      music and rhythm exploration      with tap, drum, etc.  and      maybe a discussion of lyrics

4.  Topical mini-lesson on one or      two of the below:

         a.  music - how it works

         b.  dance - technique for               rhythm explorers

         c.  history and/or future of               music/dance/arts in               Scripture
         d.  Rhythm exploration and               creative group interaction

Meets the LAST Wednesday of every month at
Emmanuel Faith Community Church

For more information:

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