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iTapLive is now the home & sponsor of three creative arts sites:

Rhythm Splash Hoof and Hammer

We have branched out and incorporated!  
Please take a tour through our creative enterprises:

Rhythm Splash Hoof and Hammer

A fun loving, enjoyable RHYTHM CIRCLE!
No experience necessary. Come play with us as we combine a variety of percussive instruments with music or not. Sing, dance or simply sit and watch. Lots of instruments are here to share. Make new friends, enjoy old ones––all in the name of heartbeats turned music.

ART CELLAR, is a visual arts gallery of primarily Scripture-based artworks by Olivia Cameo Lewis.  The site is dedicated to ‘Evangelizing the World Through Art’.

Previously known as simply iTapLive, –Hoof & Hammer, is the percussion/comedy duo that has performed venues throughout San Diego County since 2010.  Occasionally, various shows will be performed by Tap Dancer/Foot Percussionist, Olivia (Hoofer) & Drummer/Hand Percussionist, Nancy (Hammer).

ArtCellar ArtCellar